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Many of my friends have been asking what I use to create Amazon roundups. A roundup is basically a blog post that looks similar to a blog gift guide, where you put together a list of products using your Amazon affiliate link to feature products with a specific theme.

I started using Easy Product Displays and find I’m very pleased with the ease of use, customer service, and their instant replies to any questions members have.

Easy Product Displays is Awesome

Today I want to share a solution for those who want to create affiliate roundups but have found other systems simply don’t have the best customer service or functionality. 

Easy Product Displays a little while back and they have their stuff together. Excellent customer service. Ease of use. Ability to create multiple sizes and you can search using a ShareASale, Zazzle, or Amazon affiliate code.

When you first sign up for Easy Product Displays, you’ll get into a simple dashboard area.

How Easy Product Displays Helps with Affiliate Roundups

This dashboard area is where you can scroll down to find your affiliate banners, affiliate links, and insert your contact details, as well as join their Facebook Group.

I love that you’ll also find on the right-hand side immediate updates and answers to questions that you have. I am impressed with the beauty of this setup within Easy Product Displays dashboard for members.

Once you’re ready to start using Easy Product Displays to create your affiliate roundup, you click on “Create Product Displays”, this will open into a page that looks like the below image:

Once on this page, you can click search and pick which affiliate code to use.

Yes, you can have client codes in here for the ShareASale, Amazon, and Zazzle affiliate options. I personally have one client and myself under codes for Amazon affiliate. I won’t share a screen capture, as I don’t want to invade our privacy of showing the world our actual affiliate “code”.

Adding Products

From there, you search for products. This is what shows up when I search for “positive thinking” on Amazon using my affiliate code:

As you can see, the screen capture program showed my older search words too, which is totally fine. I use this often to add product links to my blog content.

Using Easy Product Displays has made it easier for me to pick and choose what to add to each blog post for recommended products. I have seen an increase in clicks with ShareASale and Amazon affiliate earnings.

The above screen captures shows you how the search results appear within Easy Product Displays dashboard. As you can see, above the images there’s a “select layout” option. This is where you can pick and choose the layout as well as the size of images.

I absolutely love that when you click on a “size” under layout, the screen will automatically adjust these search results to show what they’ll look like within a blog post. Keep in mind, that these images shown above, may not appear 100% like that within a blog post.

Be sure to copy the code and test it in a blog dashboard draft post before submitting a layout to your client or posting it on your blog.

For just $6.99 a month, you can sign up for Easy Product Displays too. Watch as you find out this platform provides you with an extensive list of sizing options, product details, and excellent customer service to ensure you’re making a well-formatted and unique affiliate roundup every time.

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