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Growing a following for your blog or website is always difficult when you are first starting out. It often takes years to build an email list and social media following by creating and sharing useful content.

One great way to quickly build your brand is to use bingo card challenges to attract attention. This is an easy way to stand out from the crowd and create interactive content for your followers.

What is a Bingo Card Challenge?

You have probably seen bingo challenges before on social media. People online sharing graphics that looks similar to the one below.

This “Bingo” card challenge is a tool that brands and bloggers can use to grow their email list and community. They are useful tools that can help people take specific actions, similar to a checklist.

The power in bingo cards is that they are attractive, easy to share, and very actionable. They are very easy to be shared on social media and you will benefit from free traffic to your blog.

Besides providing a download of the card, you can promote engagement on social media by having people share their experiences. Once they complete something on the bingo card, they can tag you in their post to give an update.

Today I’m going to share some tips on how to create a challenge and share some of the benefits of using this Bingo style challenge on social media.

How to Create a Social Media Bingo Challenge

Here are some tips to inspire you during the creation process of your first social media challenge to grow your list and community.

Determine the Format of the Challenge

You’ll want to decide how to share your daily or weekly challenges. I like to use the above Bingo card and adjust it to include different topics and information.

Besides bingo cards, there are other options that people use as a format for prompts within their challenge. This includes sharing a new image each day or week on social media or using their email list to send out the prompts for the challenge.

Honestly? You can use a little of both options for your challenge and still increase your following. The key is to set up the challenge in whatever format is comfortable for you and matches your end-goal.

Set Up Your Email List

Before you start promoting your challenge, you should have a newsletter set up for your blog. This will be used to collect the email addresses of people as they visit your website. It will also let you send follow-up messages to them to promote other opportunities.

I use two different newsletter options for various lists; Mailchimp and ConvertKit. Both of these provide a free option and a variety of tools to help you increase engagement with your audience and improve affiliate earnings.

Select a Good Hashtag

You’ll need to do some Hashtag research to find a good hashtag for your challenge. This hashtag is what participants will use to complete their daily or weekly tasks within the challenge.

This also allows you to build a community and increase engagement. Be sure to comment on those who use this hashtag during your challenge event. This will bring a more personal touch to the campaign and ensure you’re building a valuable audience with this social media challenge event.

When you are picking one out, the hashtag should be short, memorable, and easy to spell.

Select the Duration of Challenge

You’ll need to select the duration of the challenge. Some people find that a two-week Instagram challenge is ample time to increase engagement and grow their list.

Other people prefer to do a week on social media then continue the challenge for another three weeks via email marketing. The choices are endless and completely up to you.

The key is to have enough daily or weekly prompts prepared to maintain the challenge for the duration you choose. You can always hire a virtual assistant to help with this process, too!

Promote the Challenge Before it Starts

One thing that many brands and bloggers neglect to do is engage with their current audience when there’s an upcoming event. Be sure to reach out to Instagrammers and bloggers that you’re already connected with to give them the heads up about this fun challenge.

This will help with engagement and promotion because if these people are consistently engaging with you anyways, they’ll have no problems participating in this fun challenge. Building quality connections is a good thing in marketing yet so many bloggers neglect to use their resources like this.

Create the Challenges

Now that you have the steps to start this social media challenge, you’ll need to create the daily challenges.

You can create a bingo card using an app like Canva, PhotoShop, GIMP, or PowerPoint. You can make a notepad document with challenges or use Asana to set tasks for the prompts so that you know when to post each challenge on social media.

The key is to make notes and set tasks so that you’re consistent with your challenge prompts. Include a link to your email list within the challenge so that everyone can subscribe to get on the list for future campaigns and challenges, too.

The Benefits of Creating a Challenge via Social Media

There are many benefits of creating a challenge via social media. By using social media challenges regularly, you can build your email list, community, and your income.

Boost Engagement

The most obvious benefit of creating a challenge via social media is that it will boost engagement. People will come over to your social media page and blog post to partake in this event.

They’ll leave comments with your posts and what they did that day to complete the prompt. This engagement boost will help you reach more people with future marketing campaigns.

Increases Trust

A social media challenge like daily Bingo cards is a great way to increase trust with your audience. The best brands know how to engage and build a personal connection with their followers online.

This helps increase your chances of having people buy your next product, e-book, or affiliate linked item. Just be sure to stay true and authentic to your brand and mission otherwise that trust can be broken as quickly as you can snap your fingers.

Builds Email List

Since you’ll opt to create the challenge using your email list or a combination of social media imagery with prompts alongside the link to your email list, this challenge will help you build your email list.

As an online entrepreneur, you must create multiple streams of marketing for people. Using an email list, social media, and a blog are just a few ways to engage your audience to build loyalty and revenue. Some people don’t use social media that often, but they check their email frequently. Hence, the reason you need to use this challenge to promote your email list!

There you have it, some of the ways to build a social media challenge and some of the benefits for getting started today! Whether you’re looking to build an email list, your follower count, or just want to get in touch with your audience on a more personal level, social media challenges are the way to go.

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