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Starting a blog is relatively simple. It means purchasing hosting, purchasing a domain, and installing WordPress. For those who aren’t going to use a self-hosted WordPress, then it’s even quicker because you can use a free platform like Blogger or

Either way, you’ll need to choose a blog domain to make sure you stand out among the crowd so that you can launch a blog to make money.

Tips for Choosing a Blog Domain to Make Money

Today I’m going to tell you how I put my blog name together so that I could start making money blogging and support my family with one simple creative task – writing.

Pick Your Words

Use the UberSuggest keyword research tool for free to determine which keywords may be beneficial to start a money making blog. Insert words into UberSuggest and check out related keywords. Select a few words that have 1000 or more searches to ensure your blog domain is keyword rich for good SEO.

Choosing a Blog Domain to Make Money

Use a Name Generator

You can use Nameboy to help you pick a name. Using a domain name generator means that you’ll put in 2-3 words that you want to use in your domain and then have Nameboy help you pick an open domain to purchase.

You’ll see a list of domains that you can purchase once you put the 2-3 words in and click submit using Nameboy domain name generator. Yes, you can click to buy through them, but I use GoDaddy for my domain purchases so check the pricing on all domain purchasing sites. 

Review Your Options

Now that you’ve put a few words into Nameboy, you’ll want to select a domain to purchase. This domain will be what you’ll become known as I like to call it your brand.

It’s not going to be easy to start a blog and select a domain, because you’ll love or hate every option you find. It’s best to do some research and determine what domain will make the most sense so you can make money blogging

Be Committed

Finally, it’s important that you’re fully committed to the domain you purchased. This will be your name that you’ll use to make a blog that turns your writing into a household income.

Make sure the name is something that you’re passionate about and can foresee writing on for a handful of years, at least. I outgrew previous websites in some ways, or so I thought, so I sold it for many reasons – some that weren’t my own reasons.

That’s why I’m adamant about telling others to be careful with the name they choose.

Should I Name My Blog After Myself?

Naming a blog after yourself can be a good idea if you are planning to be in the space for a long time. It can help you build a name and reputation for yourself by having your own domain.

With that being said, the general rule of thumb is to use Nameboy Domain Name Generator to choose a more unique option. The only reason to name your blog after yourself is if the blog is going to be about you, your life, or something personal to you as opposed to a specific niche.

The downside of using your name is that it is much harder to sell your blog if you ever want to move on. It limits the number of people who are interested in your website and makes it harder to transfer ownership. While you may be planning to run your blog for years to come, you never know if something will change.

Keep Your Domain Name Simple

Always make sure you select words that are easy to spell and won’t be easily confused with alternative spellings. For example, the word boutique could be a bad idea since many consumers spell it incorrectly.

You’ll want an easy blog domain name that stands out. Keeping your blog domain unique but easy to remember will ensure you start making money with your blog in no time.

Use a .COM Domain Name

Selecting the right domain extension is also important in how you brand your blog. For most websites, using a .COM extension is the best option because it is the most well-known.

Other options are to use .ORG, .US, or .CO domains since they are also popular. Using a main extension can help with SEO and how easily your brand is remembered.

Some companies have chosen to go with other domain extensions simply because they are easy to remember and catchy. Some examples are and

How do I choose a domain name for my blog?

You can use a tool like GoDaddy to choose a domain name for your blog. The best way to choose a domain is to think about the niche, your branding, and what’s easy for someone to spell & remember.

Should I buy a domain for my blog?

Yes, you should always buy a domain for your blog. Even if you start with a free blog platform, owning the domain for your blog brand will ensure you retain this brand and can expand to a self-hosted blog once you’ve started making more revenue.

What domain name should I choose for my site?

You’ll want a blog domain that’s between 6-14 characters, the shorter the better. Consider using words that rhyme or are easy to remember so that people will continue to go back to visit your blog.

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