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Here’s a tip for getting more traffic and profit out of your existing blog posts. Convert them to video.

Video is a great medium to engage your visitors, expand your reach, and increase time on your content. To make videos easily from your blog posts, use an app to simplify the process.

I have fallen in love with how simple and easy Lumen5 is to convert blog posts into videos. Using this software you can easily transform your written word into beautiful videos. These videos can include royalty-free music, images, and text to display a popular blog post in video format. 

If you create blog posts or run a blog of your own, chances are you’ve probably noticed how many aspects there are to creating and keeping up with a successful blog.

There are so many ways to create content and reach your audience, and most successful bloggers create their content in multiple forms such as in writing, images, video, and more.

How Do I Increase My Blog Views?

One of the best ways to increase your blog views is to convert blog posts into video. You can make thumb-stopping videos in minutes by using Lumen5. This amazing program is simple and the best part?

You can signup for FREE and try it out before committing to their paid plan.

Converting your text content into video content is one of the best ways to start increasing blog views. Video is a simple way to hold someone’s attention and to help them click through if they want to learn more about the topic.

When you convert blog posts into video, you don’t have to feature EVERY part of the blog post in that video. You can pick and choose to only highlight a few things in your blog post video to encourage watchers to click through to read the full blog post on your site.

Why Make Blog Post Videos

Videos are common across many platforms these days. Whether through social media sharing or in places like YouTube, Patreon, and Facebook. Videos can take up space across many areas of the internet. Blogs are just one or two forms of content, usually images and writing.

Videos can be shared in different ways that will reach a broader audience. Adding more to your marketing strategy can mean your blog content makes it further in the online world.

Where Blog Post Videos Can Be Shared

You can use videos just like how some people create Pinterest images to post about their blog pages. Create something from your content and post it on social media or another platform. Always include a link to the rest of the blog post to get more traffic.

Some ideas for where to share your videos include Facebook groups and your blog Facebook page. Use Instagram stories or posts, YouTube channels, a member-based option like Patreon.

What Do You Include in Blog Post Videos?

Making videos from your blog content can be a lot of things. You can make a video with images or clips relating to your article, including some quotes about related topics or from your writing, and much more.

You can include music or Try Lumen5’s new voiceover featurein your video creations to add a personal touch. There are many ways to create videos based on or utilizing your blog content or blog page as a whole.

Lumen5 to Convert Blog Post into Video

Lumen5 is a service you can sign up to use for free that allows you to make videos, and it’s a great tool for web pages to create these types of videos. It gives you an easy-to-use system that can help organize your ideas into something tangible. It has its own library of video, audio, and photo options to use for your creations.

Through this platform, you can create individual videos, keep them organized in your video library, and even create bigger projects using videos you already created. Lumen5 is continuously working on improvements and additions to its features, library, and more to make the best experience for you.

Many businesses and web pages use Lumen5 to create videos for promoting their business or content. Plus, it is something you can figure out pretty easily.

It is important as a blogger to be able to keep expanding your reach. Make the most out of your ability to reach an audience so that you can bring in more traffic.

Lumen5 provides you with a simple and easy tool to make videos that relate to your content which can then be used to bring a wider audience in from other platforms.

Creating videos is an innovative method for growth, and if the information you’ve read today appeals to you maybe you should give it a try.

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