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I personally have sold a few blogs that I built myself to make a tidy profit. If you are able to launch a blog and start to grow it, selling it can be a great way to earn extra income. When I sold my websites, I used a few different methods.

The first blog was sold to a person directly via email correspondence and through PayPal. The second blog was sold as a Flippa listing using Each method had its pros and cons, but overall it has pushed forward the concept that one can build a website to sell.

You may just be looking to flip websites on the side or you simply have outgrown your current brand and want to sell your blog. This article will help you get started with how to sell your blog properly to get the most money from the sale.

Getting Started with Selling a Blog

The key to selling your blog is to make sure this it is truly a decision you are comfortable with. When I sold my first website, it was a confident choice, but as time went on, I started to miss that brand a bit. It was still the best option for me, but be sure that selling your blog is what you really want.

That was then, this is now. It’s the point that when you sell a website, you might get a little nervous or you may miss the brand in the future. These are all normal feelings. If you address these feelings before selling your blog, then you’ll be just fine with the choice to sell your website after reading all of our tips laid out below.

Here are a few questions one should ask before selling a blog or website. It’s important you’re able to answer these without fear, nervousness or the idea that you’ll soon regret selling your blog.

While you might need the cash now, later on, you’ll be left without a money making blog. That could be a problem if blogging is your only means of income.

Will You Be Creating a New Brand?

Ask yourself if you are interested in starting a whole new brand all over once you sell. Selling your blog and started a new one isn’t the same as renaming your blog, which many people do.

Once you sell your blog there’s no turning back. You have lost all of that content and you lost all of those social media followers. You must truly start over. Will you be creating a new brand and is this be okay with you?

Of course, you might be in a position where you don’t need or want to build another website. That is completely fine and makes it easier since you won’t need to rebuild.

How Much is Your Blog Worth?

Only you can set a reasonable price on your blog, a price that makes sense to you and allows you to walk away from that brand without regret. There are a couple ways to determine how much your blog is worth.

The most common way to determine pricing is to take the monthly revenue from your blog and multiply it by 24. Some people are willing to sell on the lower end with a multiple of 12 while others may be able to get up to 36 months of revenue.

Another pricing structure to sell off your blog and social media attached to that blog is to take your annual revenue then multiply it by the number of years it would take you to rebuild a new blog.

For many people, the magic number is approximately 3 years, so I would not sell for a lower rate of 2.5 to 3 years of income. Once you have your number in mind, do you best to stand firm and make sure you get the best price that you can.

What Sales Prices Are You Willing to Accept?

Before you list it for sale, you should write down the price that you will sell it for. Think about a high end and the absolute lowest that you will accept. You can base your pricing off similar blog sales, but the final price will depend on who is interested and what they are willing to pay.

I ultimately sold my blog for a bit less than I wanted, but it was within a small difference of what I wanted. The price made sense based on my needs and how long I felt it would take me to start making that monthly revenue back on my next project.

Are You Ready to Walk Away?

When you think about selling your blog, you have to be confident that you are perfectly okay with walking away from it. No more will all of that fabulous content be yours, it will be owned by someone else.

All that hard work will be theirs not yours and you lose a little bit of the recognition. Will you be okay with walking away and losing that recognition? As long as you are willing to give it up to make a profit, it’s time to list your blog for sale.

What Are Your Future Plans?

It may sound awesome to sell your blog to get a huge influx of cash, but what will your future plans be? You shouldn’t sell your blog off just because you have bills to pay. You may regret losing that one thing that made you happy and earned you a bit of income.

Think hard about what you will do after selling your blog, who you want to be, and what your next venture will be so that you have a plan in mind and can walk away confidently.

Why Should You Sell Your Blog

  • The brand isn’t you. You have outgrown the brand and lost your passion for it. As much as you are happy about the success of the blog, you don’t feel the attraction you once did.
  • You have changed your blogging focus. Maybe you were a mom blogger but now your kids are older. The whole blogging about kids and sharing their private stories doesn’t suit you anymore.
  • You’ve had a major life change. Often times, readers don’t like it when a blogger switches gears quickly. If you have had a major life change and the blog needs new branding, sometimes selling it and starting over is best.
  • You just don’t want to blog. Perhaps you are ready to quit blogging and selling the blog off is a great way to walk away. At the same time, you can earn some cash to invest in your next venture.
  • You need the cash. Sure, you still love your blog but having cash to save your home from foreclosure or to pay a medical expense is more important. If you need a lump sum of money and are willing to give up monthly income, selling it to pay for an emergency may make sense.

How to Find Buyers For Your Blog

Ultimately, there are several ways to sell your blog by finding buyers. You can reach out to your network to see if you know anyone who might be interested. Sometimes, you may get lucky and find another blogger that wants to add your content to their blog.

There are other ways to sell a blog, such as using Facebook groups to list a blog for sale. Facebook can be a powerful way to reach out to the blogging community to see if there is interest. The best way to sell your blog is to get it out there, let people know you want to sell.

Another great tip is to post on your blog that it is for sale. Some of your readers may be interested in buying it since they understand the value you content brings.

Where to List Blogs for Sale

Online sites like Flippa make it easy for you to list the site for sale, showcasing the revenue and subscriber counts. Flippa is my personal favorite platform for selling websites and blogs because it is easy to connect with buyers.

Craigslist and Facebook groups are other places that you can post your website for sale to find buyers.

If you have an established blog that is making significant monthly income, you can use a broker to get the best price. Empire Flippers is a good example of a website brokerage that specializes in high-end websites and blogs.

When you are ready to sell your blog, just get out there are start generating some interest. Hopefully, you will find a few potential buyers that will create a bidding war and drive up the price.


Can blogs still make money? Ditch the idea that you can make money blogging within just a few weeks. It will take approximately one year to start making an average of $3,000 per month on your blog.

How do I sell my blog online? You can use directories like FE International, Flippa, and Facebook groups to sell your blog online.

What type of blogs make the most money? Blogs that make the most money include evergreen niches. These are things that never get old, such as sewing, food, gardening, and personal finance.

How much is my blog worth? An established blog already making money generally is worth 24 to 36 times the monthly revenue.

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