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I learned about PLR content many years ago. I honestly am shocked that not many bloggers have heard about PLR content. It’s a great way to get CHEAP content that you can rewrite EASILY.

While your immediate thought might be that this is just a way to make more work for you, it’s seriously easy as heck to rewrite non-exclusive, aka PLR, content. 

Since I’ve been hired to rewrite content for other bloggers, I wanted to share some tips on how I rewrite PLR content or non-exclusive content to pass Copyscape.  These tips will help you rewrite non-exclusive content so that you have 100% unique content on your blog. 

Whether you’ve already purchased PLR non-exclusive content or thinking about purchasing said content, these tips will inspire you to buy more PLR content. 

What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. It is content that is distributed to multiple people with rights for them to use it as their own. This is great for the writer because they can write one article and sell it multiple times.

On the face of it, this type of content is not great for blogs because it is duplicate content. Google penalizes duplicate content, so posting PLR content directly to your blog will hurt your rankings.

That said, there are ways to rewrite the articles to make them unique for your blog. Here are some ways to leverage cheap PLR articles for your own blog.

Focus on What Readers Want

Readers come to your blog post to get in, get out, and move on. They want to learn something new, be inspired, or buy something. When rewriting non-exclusive content remember to stay focused on what the point is of this content. This will keep readers coming back to read more, subscribe to your blog, or perhaps buy something. 

Images Can Sell

Readers love images. Let’s face it, the internet scanners have a short attention span. This means that you should learn to fill in some of the space between your non-exclusive content with images.

This will help break up the text and allow your readers to scan through the content to find what they’re looking for. Images can also make it easier for the average reader to share your content on social media, thus attracting more blog traffic. 

Go Paragraph to Paragraph

I like to rewrite PLR or non-exclusive content one paragraph at a time. Open your non-exclusive content in your favorite word editing program. Hit enter a few times to put some space before the first paragraph. Rewrite this paragraph, sentence by sentence.

Consider using a thesaurus to replace words and reword the sentences to say the same info in a different way. Continue this method until you’ve removed all non-exclusive paragraphs within the text file and have a fresh, new blog post to pass the best plagiarism checker & proofreader

Change the Title

I cannot stress this enough! you’ll want to change the title of PLR or non-exclusive content to something unique. Be creative! Find synonyms that will work for the current content title.

Using a new blog post title will make sure that your non-exclusive content passes premium Copyscape and stands out from the crowd. Not to mention, the PLR or non-exclusive content titles may be used by other people, so make it unique to YOUR blog and YOUR voice. 

Check Copyscape

I have a premium Copyscape plan so that I can copy blog posts that aren’t previously published. You’ll have to pay a small fee to use premium Copyscape, but even as a ghostwriter for hire I barely use up these credits that quickly. C

opy your entire rewritten non-exclusive content and paste it into premium Copyscape. They’ll scan your content against the internet, and give you a percentage. I aim for 0% which is 100% unique, but I’ve heard fellow ghostwriters are fine with a 10% or under Copyscape pass. 

Check Your Grammar

Lastly, you’ll want to check your grammar using Grammarly. This is a free service that can be upgraded to a paid version. The paid version of Grammarly is fabulous!

This program will not only check your grammar, but it will help you know what tone your writing is, among other things. I love using Grammarly to test my tone since my writing is always passive. That’s why I use Grammarly to help me be more aggressive or to the point in many of my articles for clients. 

Getting Started Rewriting PLR Content

PLR content aka non-exclusive content is cheap, so you might think that means the content sucks. This is not the truth. Many PLR content bundles are written by professional writers.

The main reason PLR and non-exclusive content is so cheap is that it’s sold more than once. There’s no reason to charge high-end ghostwriting prices when the content can be sold over and over again. 

PLR content writers pride themselves in establishing high-quality, informative content in various niches that will help you have regular blog post content to rewrite.

Having non-exclusive content on hand helps give you something to blog about when you don’t feel like blogging. PLR content can sometimes come with reseller rights too, what a fabulous way to add other revenue streams to your work at home business. 

No matter what you choose to do with PLR content or non-exclusive content, I’m happy that I’ve shared my tips on how to rewrite a blog post. Hopefully, you can purchase more non-exclusive content and take pride in knowing how to ensure this content stands out as unique blog posts on your site. 

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