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Road trips are often the go-to way of travel because it is a cheaper option than flying. Regardless of it being cheaper, it would help if you considered certain aspects before planning a road trip before letting your expenses get out of hand. Road trips can be cheaper but we sometimes the expenses tend to pile up. Hopefully this article can help you save money on your next road trip.

This article will cover every way of reducing expenses on a road trip. I have tried all of these so that I could say with conviction, yes, it works. Keep reading!

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1. Go on Scouting Trips in Advance

Just by planning your trip earlier, you will always find too many ways to save money.

Planning helps you first stay calm and gives you ample time to select the desired hotel that could be cheaper if booked earlier. You could create a schedule to stay, eat, stop for gas, and what day is best to go.

People often have spontaneous plans, which are fun and enjoyable, but all the fun stops when your wallet is empty. Researching ahead is also good in successfully planning your tri without well running out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

This is essential as in rural places, exits are long, and well, the next exit comes after a while. Hence planning could save money and not leave you stranded.

Make your trip less stressful, and plan!

2. Make a Checklist

I make a gazillion lists before traveling, I still do not know why (yes, I still have friends somehow). Nevertheless, regardless you think I am a freak or not, making a checklist (or packing list, whatever you guys want to call it) is essential.

You do not want to forget one of your essentials, which could be extremely expensive to the places you might be traveling. An example would be maybe a cap, goggles (for swimming), or swimsuit, for that matter, would turn out to be highly overpriced in a hotel.

Consistently regardless of what you are traveling on, make a list before you share it with everyone you are traveling with. A last-minute shopping spree is always expensive.

3. Service Your Car

This is by far one of the most important things that you should do as well; this is your primary source of travel. You do not want your car to break down for any reason, which is why you should get your car checked.

Check out places like Brakes Plus, Les Schwab, Good Year, or DiscountTire. These places check everything, including brakes, tires, steering, fluids, lights, wipers, and alignments.

Even though you may be serviced, your car tries to keep some emergency equipment just if something unfortunate does arise while traveling. This includes spare tires, equipment for changing tires, jumper cables, a safety light, flashlight, extra clothes, and extra food, just in case.

4. Look For Coupons and Deals

Always look for coupons and deals to do activities or even for food at times. Groupon is one of the best sources to get outstanding deals for any activity or restaurant, for that matter. They also have a review system that helps you out on whether something is worth a try or not.

If you are staying at a hotel, pick up the brochures from downstairs, I have thousands of brochures from my trips, and each of them has thousands of deals which are extremely helpful on any trip.

5. Avoid A Holiday Road Trip

Often people go on a road trip on the weekends or holiday. That is by far the worst time to go. You will face extreme traffic, and even if you reach your destination, places are often overcrowded. Not something I would do (Claustrophobia screaming inside me).

At the same time, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is expensive. Owners of shops and hotels tend to increase prices during holiday times to make more money or overcome previous months’ expenses. This could be overcome by planning, but I would not recommend it.

6. Find Free Activities

Yes, there are always free activities often; businesses offer a free run to tourists to see whether an activity is likable or not. Please take advantage of it! It is the same as when you get offered free food in the food court.

Rather than being a freebie (lol), you could go hiking, go to museums, parks, or just roaming around a city you have never been to.

Check out Trivago if you want to know about some incredible places you might want to do or go to either for free or for money.

7. Find Free Parking

No matter what anyone says, there is ALWAYS free parking unless in New York. Ok, New Yorkers, do not get offended by that; please, thank you. I cannot lie!

Anyways jokes apart always check up on hotels as they secretly do not mention anything about parking fees until you get there and payloads of money (yes, I am salty about it because that happened to me).

You could park outside the city, or somewhere there is free parking often it is often far away if the hotel does not offer free parking. However, you could always take public transportation.

You could look at road maps or search online beforehand to see where you may find free parking. Hence this is why you got to plan and be through with your research.

You could use tools like Parkopedia and Park Me Parking to find cheap parking. Otherwise, there is always sleeping in your car.

8. Find Cheap Gas

That does not mean to get your gas from the dark web (tried to be funny, please appreciate). What I mean by this is that some gas stations are often cheaper than others. Such as the gas stations near the freeway will always be the most expensive. So try to avoid that!

9. Stick to the Speed Limit

Excitement can be fatal! Frequently due to the charisma and excitement, we tend to push the car a bit faster. We all are tempted to speed! Try (DON’T) not to do it!

Nowadays, cars have cruise control and maybe set it to cruise control, which will save you fuel and increase your mileage and save you money. After all, who wants to get a speeding ticket is not a Fast And Furious movie where cars are flying.

10. Bring Your Own Food

Do you want to stop at a gas station on your way and spend a ton of money just for some snacks? Try not to do that! Go to Walmart grab some snacks because a road trip is boring without some ultimate snacks (and maybe some proper food on the side).

Most cars have an in-build cooler; if not, get one store your drinks and ice creams in there; you might need it, especially if it is scorching!

Bringing your meals could save you a ton of money unless the hotel gives you free food, but you still need food for the trip.


Travelling is hectic and fun at the same time. However, cost should always be on our minds. We could have the time in our lives but end up being broke the next day. I would prefer having fun with caution. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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