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If you have language and writing skills, writing and publishing ebooks is very easy. It does not take more than a week to write an ebook. Once your ebook is complete, you can publish as an ebook and sell it through your website, ebay, payhip, etsy etc.

You can also publish your ebook through free publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle, Smashwords etc. What actually is difficult in this whole ebook business is actually selling your ebooks for profit.

Making money from ebooks can be really complicated. Having said that there is still a lucrative market for ebooks. You can write ebooks for others or write and sell your ebooks as long as you are following the right techniques.

How to Make Money From eBooks

There are a lot of ways to make money from ebooks, for example:

Ghost writing: You can ghost write ebooks for other people. You can find ebook writing jobs on freelancer sites like Upwork.

Reselling ebooks: You can acquire reseller rights of ebooks written by other people for a small amount and resell these ebooks to make money.

Publishing ebooks: You can publish ebooks on your own website or third party sites and make money by selling your ebooks.

If you are more concerned on making money by writing and selling ebooks, here are some tips and tricks to sell your ebooks for profits:

Writing That Sells: Finding a Good Topic for Your eBook

Before you think about selling ebooks for profit, you will have to consider about your buying habit. Do you buy any ebooks or only those ebooks that you find interesting, useful and on the topic that you want to read.

Same applies when you are writing and selling ebooks. If you want to earn profits from ebooks, you have to write ebooks on the topic that sells: a topic that a lot of people find useful, interesting, and readable.

Do some research on the sites where books and ebooks are sold, Amazon for instance, and check the top selling ebooks. Try to write ebooks on the topic that people are buying.

However, it is also true that high selling topics are usually very saturated topics. There will be a lot of competition, which makes it quite difficult to sell. For example, weight loss is a high selling topic, nevertheless, this is also a very saturated topic, there is a lot of competition.

Even though high selling topics are saturated topics, you can still make money by writing on such topics. All you have to do is give an interesting title and subtitle, eye catching cover, well written book description and sales pitch, and market well.

Book Title and Cover Design: Interesting Title and a Good Cover Design Generate Sales

When you are planning to buy a book or an ebook, that is the first thing that you notice? That’s right, the cover design and book title. Title and the cover have a great role to plan when it comes to generating sales.

Your ebook title should be unique, interesting, and catchy. Never use a title that has been widely circulated. If your topic is losing weight, “Lose weight in 30 days” can be your title.

However, this title is widely used, thus, when people see your book with a title “Lose weight in 30  Days” they make not take interest in buying your ebook even though they might be interested in the topic.

Therefore, you have to think about something that is unique, catchy and interesting. For, example, “Lose 10 pounds in 30 days without rigorous exercise and strict diet” can be a a better title.

Even though they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, cover is very important. Your covert should be unique and captivating. Avoid using widely used photos from free photo sites, invest some money on graphic designer in case you are not a designer.

Choose a Selling Platform Wisely

There are a lot of free and premium ebook publishing platforms where you can publish as well as sell your ebooks. You can publish and sell your ebooks on Amazon, smashwords, barnes and nobles, or your blog or website.

You can also format your ebook into a PDF file and sell through payhip, ebay, zazzle, etsy etc. The platform you choose to publish and sell ebooks determines your ebook sales. 

When you sell through your own blog or website, you can keep 100 percent earnings, however, it is not easy to sell through your blog or website. Your blog/website need tons of traffic to generate sales.

eBay is a popular marketplace to buy and sell digital as well as physical items. You can see a lot of people selling ebooks through ebay, however, ebay is not the best platform to sell ebooks.

Most of the successful authors recommend Amazon Kindle for publishing and selling ebooks. You can publish ebooks for free on Amazon Kindle and sell ebooks on Amazon marketplace. You can earn up to 70 percent royalty.

Marketing Your eBook

Even though there are author who are making money from ebook while they are sleeping, for most of the people you are not making money while sleeping.

You have to market and promote your ebook using proper marketing channels like social media, search engines, emails, blogs, websites etc. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to market your ebooks.

When you are doing affiliate marketing campaign, you are paying only for the successful sales. Therefore, you can even hire affiliate marketers and start CPA (Cost Per Action) campaign.

You can join affiliate networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction etc. and promote your books through these affiliate networks. Influencer marketing on social media is also very effective way to generate sales.

Generating Sales From Your eBook

In order to drive sales, you have to write a good description or sales pitch for your ebook.

Approach your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, and virtual friends ask them to give you some favour by buying your ebooks and then leaving five star positive reviews.

Reviews have a great role to play in generating sales. If you can get some rave reviews, your ebook sales will pick up.

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