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Well, I hate to admit that most of us have difficulty trying to save, and hats off to the pandemic; it has become more difficult. Saving money is hard for almost everyone at the same time it is crucially important.

Saving money is a great retirement idea.  In fact, you could use your savings to invest or use for your children’s education.

All in all, savings are crucial, and there is no easy way to do it.  Technology and smartphones have made it relatively more straightforward.

Below I have listed a few money-saving apps that offer you advice, help with investing, budgeting, and reducing all whatsoever financial stress.

1. Mint

Mint is a top-rated personal finance app that provides financial tools for budgeting, tracking for transactions, reminders, and in-depth analysis. It syncs with all your debit and credit cards and bank accounts and creates an in-depth analysis of all trades.

Mint also helps to track loans, investments, and insurance bills. Furthermore, it provides advice on how to spend wisely. This app helps to provide your Net Worth, debts, progress in financial status, all in real-time, mostly by downloading months of your bank data.

2. Acorns

Imagine saving a dollar per transaction you make, and per se, you make 40 a month; you could easily save $40 without even realizing you just did. Acorns could help you do that!

Acorns is an American company based in California that specializes in micro-investing and Robo-investing. This app helps you save all your spare money and invest it.

Acorns rounds up your purchases and invest automatically without you even realizing it. Most of these investments are provided by the world’s top asset managers, which are low-cost.

Acorns also provided services like “Acorns Later,” which is a fantastic feature for people looking for retirement schemes or accounts.” Imagine if you could invest in your future without really noticing.” Now, how cool is that!

3. Chime

Chime is officially an online bank but has an incredible savings program. The bank rounds up all transactions made to the nearest dollar, which is deposited into a savings account.

The app has some incredible features, and you could set a certain percentage to your incoming checks to be put into a savings account automatically. The process used by this app is fast and straightforward to use.

The app also offers some cashback rewards on individual purchases made concerning certain stores. The only drawback is that the savings account has a considerably lower interest rate than other banks, so you might want to consider it.

4. Digit

Digit is a fantastic savings app that has a 100 free day trial period. Because of this app, you no longer must do any thinking whatsoever as Digit does it for you.

Digit has an excellent algorithm that looks at your income and expenditure, creating a formula for savings put aside. This app takes away all the pressure off your shoulder as Digit does all the job for you.

The app mostly does a thorough analysis every two to three times a week and provides you with the opportunity to earn. Digit comes with a monthly $2.99 fee, which provides free bank notifications and a 1% annual bonus.

Digit analyses your savings, and if you are looking to reduce your debt, Digit is by far the best app to use.

5. Charlie

Ever gotten late for a particular payment, and now you must pay a late fee? Charlie is your best bet!

This is an extremely well-organized money management app with a simple user interference helping you with your day-to-day transactions, hidden fees, and late charges.

Sometimes you forget paying, and at times, there is an emergency or late salary that could prevent you from getting your hard-earned money.

Charlie will help you pay all your unexpected bills and score you some fantastic deals.  This improves your chances of saving more of your hard work earning money, in turn expanding your bankroll.

6. Credit Karma

I am sure most of you have heard about Credit Karma, a fantastic app that mostly checks your credit scores and provides insights. Credit Karma is perfect for you if you are trying to pay your bills or various loans.

Credit Karma is the place for anyone looking to see where they stand credit-wise and how they should improve on their current financial position. This is because credit Karma provides practical tips on improving your situation and saving money on all types of expenses.

7. Paribus

This is a completely free website to use to save quite a lot on expensive purchases. Set up your account, and you could browse through a long list of well-known retailers.

After you make a purchase, Paribus keeps hold of all your receipts and refunds your money depending on if you are qualified enough. You get a refund based on late deliveries or even a price drop!

8. Trim

After reading about the fact that Trim saves its users around $1 million per month even, I was a bit suspicious. However, it turns out it is completely legit! By looks over your finances, Trim tries to find you affordable utility and service providers that could save you much money.

Ever had unrecognized transactions? Trim will also take care of all unused subscriptions as well. Honestly, it would be best if you gave it a try.

9. Ibotta

Do you shop a lot and are looking for a cashback reward? One word – Ibotta. Ibotta is an app working with some significant retailers which help you earn some money back on individual purchases you make regularly.

This way, you could save a ton of money, maybe even around $25-$50 only in your first month.

10. Swagbucks

You must have heard Swagbucks be more of a survey site or app, but it has a lot to offer. You could earn enough SB (Swagbucks Points) to redeem for stuff by doing a few surveys.

Swagbucks also offers a way to redeem your money through PayPal which is an extremely convenient way to do so. You could also buy products through Swagbucks, which offers you a percentage for cashback rewards. 

This is a smart way of saving $20-$40 (maybe even more) a month. It is a very user-friendly interference, and you could earn enough SB in no time.


Mind you that these schemes will not make you rich or even a millionaire. These are just some smart ways of saving some extra cash to save and invest in things leading to success. If you aim to save money on expenses, you should download one of these apps or check out their website to end up earning and saving quite a lot of cash.

On the contrary, many banks also now offer these schemes, so you could check out one of your banks and ask whether to provide a specific service. In other words, you should do your research before you commit to a specific website or app as some apps could charge certain money; some are just free. I hope the above details may have helped you to decide on what to do.

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