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Hi5 was launched in June 2003. Seven months later, in February 2005, Facebook was launched. Hi5 was very popular back then, but today Hi5 is one of the social sites that failed to become “a global phenomenon.”

Well, Hi5 is not the only social site that did not become “Facebook.” A lot of social sites that were created at the time Facebook was created or a little earlier than Facebook, are nowhere compared to Facebook that has 2.45 billion users.

Some of the sites that failed to become Facebook are Friendster (Created March 2002) and MySpace (Created August 2003). There was also Orkut (Created January 2004), Classmates (Created December 2005), and G + (Created 2011).

Why do you think Facebook is the number one site, based on the users? A lot of sites that were created earlier than Facebook are almost forgotten.

Facebook became the top social site not because Facebook is the best in terms of user experience and features, likewise, those sites lagged behind not because they were worst.

Facebook excelled because Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, successfully transformed his business instincts into a great innovation, and the creator of other social sites failed because they failed to transform their business instincts into a great innovation.

Failure of Business is not the Failure of Idea

Every business that has been launched with great fanfare may not succeed. When a business fails, a lot of people tend to believe that the business idea itself was not great. However, this is not true.

When a business fails, it is not the failure of the idea. There are a lot of reasons why a business fails and one of the reasons, or let say the main reason for the failure of a business is because the people at the helm of the business (CEO, Proprieter, Manager) fail to transfer the idea to great innovations.

Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple, all were launched in a garage; Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs, all of them did not have a lot of money for their business. Yet, today these companies are the world’s top companies. This was possible because the founder had the capacity to transform their business instincts into great innovations.

It is true that not everyone can become Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs. Not every company can become Facebook or Amazon. However, it is also true that most of us lack the knack to become great entrepreneurs. Most of us limit ourselves to what we think is possible to do instead of giving us permission to think big and worry about logistics later. 

No one can teach us to become a great entrepreneur, it is a talent that we are born with. However, we can of course learn skills, acquire knowledge so that we may succeed in what we are doing. If you are an entrepreneur and want your business idea to become a great innovation, here are some tips so that your ideas have room to breathe.

Listen To Your Doubts, But Do Not Hear Them

Cameron Chell Calgary is a venture capitalist and a tech entrepreneur. He is also a management advisor. According to Cameron Chell Calgary, “When you think of a new idea for your business that moves you, do you begin to think immediately about the details that make it impractical? 

That is a typical response to your innovation. The gravitational forces of business make it difficult to bring new ideas into action. So instead of hearing your doubts just stop listening to them. Then look at them for what they are: only fears that hold you back.

Communicate What You Are Thinking

There is no better way to kill innovation than to keep it, letting the monster inside us chew it and then spit it out. Go and tell a colleague.

Two minds are always better than one mind. In fact, if you do some research you will find a lot of successful businesses were infact created jointly. Facebook was jointly created by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.

Microsoft was jointly created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Google was jointly founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin. Apple was jointly founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronalt Wayne.

Avoid Negative People

If you are trying to free yourself from inertia, avoid at all costs the people who prevent you from flying with your negative thinking. Wait for the next elevator as suggested by Cameron Chell. 

If you are caught with them, imagine a large N on their foreheads until they disappear. Negative people want to use you to feel better themselves making you hear their lamentations and join their complaints.

Battle Against Your Own Limits

The best fighters are always demanding beyond themselves, even when they know that the worst enemy is in there.

  • In business and in life, we do not grow by competing with others, but by continually improving our standards.
  • Stay Thirsty. Perfect your art, learn new skills and meet new people.
  • If your organization is good, make it great. Never settle down.
  • Real success does not knock on your door. You must chase after him.
  • You will not win all your battles in life, but by acquiring this mindset, you will earn more than ever.

Be Brave And Use Force

In most situations, trust and control is the key. We must be realistic, a perfect forecast is impossible. But it is important not to resort to the dark side; fear should not be allowed to guide our actions. We can confront situations with confidence by using available resources, such as the power of analytics, to make accurate business decisions.

Patience is Vital

Return on investment does not come immediately, and this is perfectly normal. We try but we fail. You must have patience. Most of the great businesses we see today were not great right at the time of their birth. Al some point most of these businesses were also reeling.

Steve Jobs was kicked from the company he co-founded. That was the lowest time in the history of Apple. However, after Jobs was again taken in, the company made giant strides. Without failure, large businesses would not have had the determination to rise up and achieve success.

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