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There are too many investment apps and services to choose from, with everything converting to the online forum. However, the main question is which one is the best and which one will help you earn the most.

With online investment apps and services, you no longer need a middle man to trade and participate in stocks or other forms of investment services.

Many apps have started entering the App Store (iPhone) and Playstore (Android), making it convenient to earn money by pressing a couple of buttons.

Here are a few of my favorite apps which are incredible for people looking to invest, aka you (because you are reading this, never mind).

Best Investment Apps

1. M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a one-of-a-kind investment app that is both user-friendly and has meager operational costs. It also has a Robo-advisor, which is essential especially for newbie investors looking to make those big bucks.

The App is straightforward to use as it asks you to make your “pie,” which is used to combine your preferred investment options or goals. You do not have to do much after submitting your preferred options as the App will do all the hard work, including expansion and contract, concerning the money you deposit.


It is free of charge to use. You need around $100 to open an account and at least $500 to open a retirement account.

Open an account with M1 Finance today.

2. Acorns

Acorn is one of my favorite apps, which I love promoting due to many reasons. Firstly, it was made by a Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz which I guess says enough.

Acorn is a user-friendly, fun app to use which links your credit and debit cards, and it automatically rounds up to the next dollar on every purchase you make. This might sound too appealing at the moment, but it adds up to a significant amount without you having to do anything your money is invested.


The only flaw in Acorn is that there is a $1 monthly fee for investing, and if you are looking for a retirement saving account, it is $3. There is also a plan which includes several features. One of them is where you can set aside money for your children.

Open an account with Acorn today.

3. Personal Capital

Personal capital acts as your finance app offering free tools to help newbie investors start investing. It links to your bank accounts to summarize your financial position and help you become more financially stable by making budgets.

Personal Capital invests your money in a preselected portfolio of individual securities and ETFs, specifically to minimize added expenses and taxes.


There is a 0.89% fee for $1 million deposited, and you need around $100,000 to start using the service being provided.

Open an account with Personal Capital today.

4. Public

The Public has an extremely distinct way of investing, which is synonymous with the current generation. They have taken a boring and tedious thing into more fun and easier to use investing App. You do not need much money to start investing with the Public.

You can invest in big-name stocks like Apple, Tesla, or Amazon, for that matter, with just a few dollars. Public’s interference sets it apart from its competitors, making it extremely easy to use for all ages. You can follow investors who often offer tips on how to become a better investor.


The Public is free to use and has no minimum requirement to set an account as of right now.

Open an account with Public today.

5. Robinhood

Are you looking to invest in stocks? Robinhood is one of the best in the business as it acts as a straightforward platform to buy and sell stocks. There are no transaction fees. I mean, how good is that! You could be saving up a lot of money just because you do not have to pay transaction fees.

Robinhood offers insights into your investments with colorful graphs, charts, and stats to differentiate between your investments and how you could become better. It is user-friendly and does not require any rocket science, as far as I can tell.


Another bonus for Robinhood is that it is free and requires no minimum amount for an account if that does not convince you what will.

Open an account with Robinhood today.

6. Betterment

I would classify Betterment as one of the best for a long-term investor. Betterment also has a Robo-advisor service that automates your investing. They ask you a few questions to build a portfolio that helps them start your investing journey.

They use a so-called “Tax-Smart Technology” to make your portfolio and are incredibly dependable. Betterment also offers several types of an account such as Smart Saver, Taxable Investment, Trust, and IRA.

Betterment also offers you several free services, including retirement calculators, tax-loss harvesting, relatively low management fees, seamless asset allocation, and financial advisors.


There is a 0.25% annual fee for digital portfolio management. If you are looking for a human expert, you can opt for the premium service where the account minimum is $100,000 and an annual fee of 0.40%.

Open an account with Betterment today.

7. Stash App

Stash is one of the best value-based investments and helps you to acquire fractional shares. It also offers a user-friendly interference and offers three types of accounts – IRA, taxable accounts, and custodial accounts.

You need $5 to open an account and are allowed to make weekly deposits. Stash also charges an annual fee of 0.25% if you balance the $5000 mark.

Open an account with Stash App today.

8. Wealthfront

Wealthfront is another investing app that acts as a Robo-advisor that helps keep your costs as low as possible. It would be best if you put in little to no effort to make money as they make a custom portfolio to reach the financial goals you may want to achieve. The interface is again super simple and does not have anything out of the ordinary.


You need a minimum of $500 for investment, and it is free for the first $10,000. After you cross the $10,000 mark, there is a 0.25% fee on further investments in the future.

Open an account with Wealthfront today.

Bottom Line

I know I have not provided many investing apps; there are several reasons for it. Firstly, I wanted to provide apps with high user-friendly interference, and secondly, it is not costly. Most apps nowadays are costly and tend to be expensive; in other words, they start depleting your money rather than increasing.

These are by far the best investing apps and have a guaranteed high return back percentage. These apps help remove the middle man and make you the man in charge. Although you have no experience, all these apps come with built-in tools to help investors profit. Most of them ask you to make a portfolio, and they do all the hard work themselves.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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