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It does not matter whether you are an experienced trader or you are still looking to make your first investment; there is always room for improvement. It would be best if you had a good understanding of the trends and rules accustomed to investments.

The beauty about investments is a few tips on technique and insights can shoot up your profit margins, and why would not anyone love that. Below is a list of books by several successful people who wrote about their experiences and how to invest the right way.

Shout Out: Financial Freedom

Although I will admit this book is not solely based on investments, it is a book that turned around my life and helped me get on track despite being in college.

“Money is unlimited. Time is not. Become financially independent as fast as possible”.

The author Grant Sabatier started with a blog called Millennial Money in 2010. I kid you not, he had only $2.26 in his bank account, and five years later, he has a net worth of over $1.25 million. He reached financial independence by the age of just 30!

Financial Freedom is a pathway to living on your terms and conditions and being financially independent. It includes topics related to side hustles, saving, traveling, investing, and much more. Grant wanted to set through the book to help people with their financial problems and not be dependent on anything or anyone.

This book takes a different approach in retrospect to other books in the market, and although not solely on investments, it helps you to become financially stable.

Excellent: The Intelligent Investor

I have to include a book Warren Buffet himself called “the best book on investing ever written.” The author Benjamin Graham was regarded as the godfather of investing and, in fact, was a professor of Warren Buffet.

The book goes into detail and discusses strategies to use value investing in the stock market, the allegory of Mr. Market, and determining value. The book received much love from well-known individuals who made their name through investing. Although first published in 1949, the book’s strategies are still useful despite the rigorous change in the economy.

For Beginners: A Random Walk Down Wall Street

The Intelligent Investor might be a challenging task considering you are new to the whole investing genre. A Random Walk Down Wall Street is an extensively thorough book that digs into how to handle your first 401(k)s.

There are too many terms in the investing genre, making it hard to understand, but this book starts from the beginning. Malkiel, the author of the book, talks about various terms for investments. He applies these to various strategies in retrospect to different stages of your life.

The book focuses more on long-term investments, how to predict prices, and avoid mistakes. Malkiel’s book is a successful book with over 1.5 million copies sold to date.

For Basics: The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need

“The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need” was written in 1978, over 40 years ago. However, it might not seem the perfect book to get at first, considering how old it is. However, it was recently updated to overcome the drastic changes in the economy over time.

The book has sold over 1 million publications around the globe. The book offers advice for small investors and makes it a perfect book for most people looking to venture their way into investing.

Best Overall: The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing

A great philosopher once said common sense does not grow in every garden (aka me). “The Little Book Of Common Sense” is another book that Buffet praised, so I included it in the list. John C.Bogle was also the founder of the Vanguard Group. So well, he did know a thing or two about investing.

In this book, Bogle explains some of his innovative techniques concerning stock markets. Bogle goes on about investments in some of his other books. Nevertheless, as Warren Buffet described best, this book is best for “investors large and small.”

Real Estate: The Book On Rental Property

If you are looking to make some profit and extra revenue off your real estate, “The Book On Rental Property Investing” is one of the best to start with. The 400-page book talks about practical and exciting strategies to build a significant cash flow with rental properties.

Brandon Turner, who is a best-selling author with his podcast, wants you to succeed. Turner gives some valuable insights which help to shape up new and experienced investor’s futures. You can trust Turner’s advice as an active real estate investor and co-host of The BiggerPockets Podcasts.

The Best Of Warren Buffet: The Essays Of Warren Buffet

What could be better than finishing off with Warren Buffet himself, who is one of the best businessmen of our time? The fourth edition of the book was released in 2015, which marked the fiftieth anniversary of Berkshire Hathaway under Warren Buffet’s leadership which is a commendable milestone.

The book contains Buffett’s best writing, including his best advice on investing regardless of whether in apartments, farms, or businesses.

The Uncanny: Thinking, Fast And Slow

“Thinking, Fast And Slow” is one of my favorite books written by a psychology professor at Princeton University. I do not have to stress upon how great Daniel Kahneman is – his Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002 is enough said.

Daniel Kahneman refers to the mind having two systems and how they psychologically affect each one of us. Everyone harbors their own little biases, sometimes subconsciously.

Kahneman explains how to identify your own and lock them away so you can make investment decisions without their input, reasoning, and analysis. This book is not entirely on investing; it refers to how biases, intuition, or emotions impact our decisions.

Bottom Line

Books are a great way to learn despite the fact people find them annoying and boring. Even right now, you are reading! Some of the books mentioned above have changed millions of lives, including myself and my family. Maybe it could change yours someday. Let me know in the comments below.

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